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Midori x Ai Fans!!! [08 Aug 2012|07:27am]

For the fans!!!

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ai fanart~ [31 Oct 2006|12:52am]

Ahh~ this has been a while coming. XD; I'm sorry! *long time lurker, first time poster* :D I've only got a simple fanart of Ai for now -- a mental image inspired by miiko_ashida's adorable Day Off fic -- but I hope you like it. ^^;; <3

..she'd looked so cute with a toothbrush sticking out of her mouth, daffodil-patterned pyjamas slipping off one shoulder...Collapse )
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Ai x Midori colorbars [10 Jun 2006|10:35am]

I've done it ages ago.
Hope you like it ;)

+2Collapse )
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Sappy Buresurasu lemon story, "Out of Sight, Out of Mind". [09 Jun 2006|11:11am]

[ mood | shy ]

Ah, well...I feel a little silly about this, really, but I joined the 30_lemons community for Ai/Midori...and...um, I wrote a raunchysexscene piece for it. Thought I'd x-post that here. (Actually, this was a while ago.) Figured you all might appreciate it -- on 30_lemons they either don't know Loveless (*shockgaspTREASON!*), or won't read het, or go "OMGshotawritermustburninhell!" so I don't think it does much good there. ^_^U

Anyway, I hope you all will enjoy it! And be aware that since it's for a LEMON community, it's rated R. A light R, actually, but you can still tell what's goin' on. Yes. If you like that sort of thing, frolic and have fun! It's not exactly fluffy, but it is sweet. ^_^

Ttitle: Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Rating: light R
Author: me, miiko_ashida
Pairing: Ai/Midori (naturally!)
Summary: Ai's got a few...strange insecurities.


I hope it pleased all who read it! ...Or at least didn't piss anybody off. Heh.
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Intro and a fic! =^_^= [25 Mar 2006|09:58am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Midori and Ai are so cute! I was ecstatic when I found this community. As an offering, I wrote something. Just a short little piece with the two.

Title: Day Off
Author: Miiko Ashida
Rating: G
Genre: Romance/Fluff

This is totally random and pointless. But it's still cute, or so I think. Enjoy!

They go shopping. Midori tries to be interested, he really does.Collapse )

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AMV [17 Mar 2006|09:06pm]

I made a Midori/Ai AMV awhile ago and I was finally able to upload it to youtube today. I know its not the best, it was hard to make since there are so few episodes with them in it.

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[16 Oct 2005|01:31pm]

I saw this community and couldn't help joining. <3 Heres a drabble I wrote today, I thought it would be nice to contribute it.

Oh the horror...Collapse )
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Episode Two screenshots [25 Jun 2005|07:49pm]

Simply because I could, I took a few screenshots of Midori and Ai from episode 2. Now, I'm sure almost everyone has gotten past that part already; but I found out first handedly how hard it was to find actual screenshots for the two besides manga scans. So here they are

BreathlessCollapse )
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