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BREATHLESS: The Midori and Ai community
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Welcome to BREATHLESS, the lj community dedicated to the pairing Ai and Midori, otherwise known as "Breathless" from the anime/manga series, LOVELESS. Because, honestly, the cute pair barely gets any love. How often do you see a BREATHLESS fic as opposed to Zero or LOVELESS?

This community has open membership to all and we encourage everyone to post anything they find. However, there are a few rules and come with life; get over it.

  • No off-topic posting. Its okay to go slightly off topic on a thread, but not a lot of people likes to hear about how your day went on the Ai and Midori community.

  • We do welcome introduction posts. This access will probably be deleted after we reach an accesible amount of members; but as of now, we do encourage introduction post.

  • Topics and graphics rated above PG-13 are to be kept under an lj-cut.

  • Icons and graphics are to be kept under an lj-cut with the exception of three previews.

  • Since LOVELESS has been liscenced, please friend-lock all scans, anime clips or other media that you post.

    .Please, no member bashing. Be nice and enjoy the few BREATHLESS fans that there are. :3

    Moderated by chiharu